"Ayurveda is a Therapy for All"Prakritiveda Research Development Pvt. Ltd.

At present, people are stepping towards modernisation which pressurizes them to have a busy schedule. The Constrains of time gives them no chance look upon the matters like health and environmental welfare. As such, Prakritveda presents you Herbal and FMCG products with the essence ‘Ayurveda’.

Ayurveda is the time-honoured science of life. We lay out Ayurvedic medicines which has properties to root out the diseases from human body. Medicines like Livoprakriti (works efficiently for any kind of liver problems), Brainoprakrati (for boosting memory and nervous system) and Immune Boosters are available.
The Ayurvedic medicine we provide has no harmful side effects. We design organic farming products like pesticide, insecticide and fertilisers etc. We manufacture Dairy and Cattle care product for Animal Husbandry purposes.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to work in cooperation with people and to create employment for Students, Professionals, Housewives, and Doctors who can join hands with us and acquire a good income.

Prakritiveda Research & Development encourages folks to join them, support them to elevate the Ayurvedics and spreading awareness about Environmental friendly products.

We thereby set our eyes on the betterment of the society and secure our future on Earth.

Current Updates


we have launch a super chayvanprash which is very good for our health and mrp only 185


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